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    Katy, Texas

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    another houstonian (katy) biker answers

    My go to cooler weather around here is a pair of mesh arm covers, , short sleeved jersey with an underlayer, mesh or wool depending- my core gets cold easily, not my legs, a wind vest for cooler windy days, a pair of light long fingered gloves and wool socks. I have a windbreaker/raincoat that I wear if it gets below 45, but mostly I prefer to startout cold and warm up. Long fingered gloves because my hands get cold very easily. My headcovering/ head neck layer is a normal buff which makes a lightweight hood/ear covering under the helmet or ad an extra neck layer.

    Since the majority of body heat is lost through the head, I find the buff extremely helpful and I find that if I can keep hands, feet and head warm- the rest follows.

    Everything but the raincoat fit easily in a jersey pocked as I layer down. The jacket does as well but it takes a bit more work.

    Good lulck

    Katy, Texas
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    Another Houston biker here... some of this depends on how early you plan to ride in the winter... if you are doing the MS150 training series, you will be out early and need some warm clothes.

    I swear by either knickers or knee warmers. I am one of those people that my knees have to be warm or I am not happy (nor are they!). I have a long sleeved jersey, but I usually just wear a shortsleaved or sleavless one with my bolero (I don't like arm warmers) with a jacket. I have a couple of jackets.. some warmer than others. If you only buy one, get a lighter weight one that the sleaves zip off to make it a vest.. VERY useful here as the days get warmer.

    I second the suggestion to get some full fingered gloves... you will be much happier that first 45 degree morning! I also have an ear warmer, and I do have toe covers.. they are OK, and do help from getting a wind chill in the front mesh parts of the shoes...

    If it gets colder than what this is good enough for, I will either add some wool layers and some running tights over my shorts/capris... or I will just wait until noon when it is warmer out or stay in all together!

    Good luck!
    Support me in my fight against MS!

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    I really like the water resistant wind jacket, where the sleeves zip off and stuff in a pocker if you get warm and so the jacket turns into a wind vest, or you can stuff the entire jacket into a pocket and it can tie to the seat post or around the waist; my jacket is made by Canari and a cycling friend liked the concept so much she bought one for herself. Under the jacket I wear a long sleeve jersey, either light weight or fleece, depending upon the temperature, and I can push up the sleeves if necessary if the jacket or jacket sleeves come off. It is easy to stay warm with a wind jacket on. And of course knickers or tights, and tights with some water protection too.

    One new thing I am preparing to purchase is a pair of the water proof wind resistant mildly fleece lined road shoes, shaped sort of like a mid-rise lightweight hiking boot. It should mean I won't have to use the shoe protectors on cold, rainy days anymore.

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    Another one from Houston here... Hey, now that we are so many we should organize a TE ride in the area!
    Usually Winter here is not bad, but I cannot stand cold weather so I'm always the one that looks like the Michelin man as soon as the cold comes.

    If it's above 60 I use regular bibs but I do wear a thermal jersey, and possibly a base layer, either Assosor or 2xu. Nalini/MOA, Sportful, and Assos all make very good thermal jerseys for the Winter, you find them at your regular bike shop (Boones at the Med Center usually has a lot of Assos clothing) or online at Competitive Cyclist and Ride Bike Pro Gear.
    If it's cooler than 55 I'm going full bib tights, 2 socks, and then layer up on top. For the bib tights, find those made of heavier fabric. Assos and Capo use that roubaix fabric or whatever it's called, which is supposed to keep your leg warmer and it really does. And I wear a winter (windproof) thermal jacket on top of base layer and long sleeve jersey, again either the Nalini or the Assos which are thermal and also windproof make excellent outer jackets.
    With the cold wind I tend to wear a wool or fleece skull cap under the helmet and a neck warmer, because if my neck is cold I feel really miserable.
    I also second long fingered gloves, and when it's really cold I wear the inner glove underneath. I use the Assos gloves and inner gloves, they keep your hands really warm.
    Assos really makes excellent Winter clothing - I guess they have to, considering how cold Winter is in Switzerland. I lived in Bern for a while and it was really freezing in the Winter - I remember one day I left the house for a ride and I was all layered with bibs, base layer, long sleeve jersey, bib tights, socks x2, thermal windproof jersey, neck warmer, wool cap - AND a windproof head cover on top of the helmet!!!

    Last year our Winter was miserable, the worst I have seen in the Houston area in eight years. I was all bundled up most of the time, especially early mornings. Hopefully this coming Winer will be mild...
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    I'm in Austin, and ride year round. I started off with leg warmers but they have a tendency to fall down. I once got a series of flats while out in the Fort Davis area that required me to walk the bike the last mile or so. The leg warmers were falling and the temperatures were too--not pleasant. Now I have knickers and tights. Knickers would probably be fine with tall wool socks.
    I always wear wool socks because of the wicking action, but I wear a heavier pair when it's chilly with toe warmers and full finger gloves.
    I have a "summer weight" long sleeve jersey that I have never, ever worn in the summer in Texas but layered over a Ibex wool camisole works well on those Spring and Fall days that start chilly but warm up. I push the sleeves up if it gets too warm.
    And I have a cheap polarfleece headband that I wear over my ears.
    Finally, when it is particularly cold, I head for the hills. Nothing warms me up better!

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    Madison WI
    FYI REI is having a sale starting the 8th. That jacket I want appears to be 25% off. I'm in Wisconsin and it is a little on the heavy side. I definitely plan to get it. I can't decide between small and medium. Small looks better but Medium would allow for more layering...
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