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    Quote Originally Posted by OakLeaf View Post
    One thing missing from the OP is whether or not there was any other traffic.
    There was actually very little traffic on the trail at this particular time. It was early in the morning, as it usually is when I'm walking my dog there. The cyclists had just passed me a few seconds earlier, and far in the distance I could see someone walking towards me in the opposite lane. But, they were pretty far up there. I saw maybe a handful of people on the trail in the whole hour I was on it.
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    I will just say that I fractured my wrist riding too fast on a MUP. There weren't many people out, but I had no business riding 18 mph out there. It just took one person stepping out when I was threading the needle. I really learned my lesson.
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    maybe the next time a cyclist is killed by a car, we should rally the city for a reduced speed limit. Hey, you never know, it might work.

    I'm glad the Cedar River trail isn't my main riding area. If it was, I might be down at city hall complaining, but not breaking the law.
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