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But I came across a post about saddles and Acute bacterial prostatitis on road bike review, and I thought it was worth sharing.


Here is the original post, just in case.

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So I'm in my mid 50's and I've been cycling on and off all my life since I was 7 years old.
Recently I picked up a Trek 5900 SuperLight with full DuraAce. An oldie but in very nice condition. Really a great bike, light, fast and versatile.
I tweaked the fit and started piling on the miles mixed with interval sessions until I was riding around 200 miles per week on mixed terrain.
I hooked up with a local bike club and dropped in for a few group rides. They adopted me straight into there A group and told me that's where I belong. Neat. I was happy that I'd trained well and quickly achieved a high standard.
But I was uncomfortable and this is what my post is about.
The bike has a Selle San Marcos saddle which fits my general sit 'shape' well. But after longer rides 60 - 70 miles I had numbness in my crotch and a stinging sensation in the end of my ****. It happened a couple of times. I ignored it and it subsided.
Then 2 weeks ago on the Sunday night WHAM !. I came down like a ton of rocks with flu like symptoms. High temp. aching muscles, sensitive skin and a pounding headache. I crawled into bed and slept well until I got up for work the next day. Peeing that morning was uncomfortable as hell and definitely not the right color. I work for myself which is partly why I am able to fit so much cycling into my schedule. But not that day. By 10 am I'd given it up and gone back to bed feeling absolutely rotten all over.
Acute Bacterial Prostatitis. I'd aggravated my perineum and ended up with a bacterial infection in my prostate which it's hard to begin to explain just how unpleasant it is or how sick it made me so instead of trying I'll just list the common symptoms and let you do the rest:
muscular aches and pain
pelvic pain
blood in the urine
urinary frequency
painful urination
foul-smelling urine
decreased urinary stream
difficulty emptying the bladder
difficulty when starting to urinate
painful ejaculation
blood in the semen
discomfort with bowel movements
pain above the pubic bone
pain in the genitals, rectum, or testicles

Previously I'd tweaked my bike fit myself and set my saddle tilted very slightly forwards (2 - 3 degrees) which was comfortable. However I'd recently read a couple of articles about bike fit which asserted in almost absolute terms that the saddle should be set level and for some reason I paid attention and boy do I wish I hadn't.
I slept for 4 days waking only to pee, drink water or take medicine. My head throbbed, my mouth broke out in ulcers and sores and I ached all over. After 6 days I started to feel a little better but I was weak and had no appetite. At least my fever had subsided and I could go to the bathroom without peeing broken glass. A week later and I generally feel like while I was drunk and unconscious a large angry dog has been given free reign to chew me over physically, psychologically and emotionally.
So let me say this to you all:
Don't think it can't happen to you. It can.
If your saddle is uncomfortable, adjust it or change it until it is comfortable.
And if you like your saddle the way it is and someone tells you to change it, thank them kindly for their advice and then politely ignore them. I wish I had.