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    i have a topeak micro phone pack!


    mine used to be attached to my stem..... til i got a fitting and a super short stem now it's on the top tube of the bike......

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    safety consideration

    All points taken...I understand that if you crash and land on your phone, it won't do you any good. That said, my husband has always asked that I carry my phone on my person, that is, in my jersey pocket. (I keep it with ID and money in a plastic baggie to protect it from moisture.) His point is this: if someone or something (dog, for ex.) gets between you and your bike, you want to still be able to get to your phone.

    Just a thought.

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    I used to carry my cell phone in a small zip-loc in a jersey pocket, but some of my jerseys (esp. sleeveless summer shimmel types) have just one pocket, and it can get pretty crowded in there as I always have to carry a bandanna for my drippy nose (once it's cooler weather, mostly, anything below 70, it's like a spigot, and I just don't do snot rockets! ) I also have any snacks I need to carry on longer rides in that pocket, and I normally carry a tiny zippered wallet with money, ID, and lip balm as well. So I just recently put a larger seat bag on my bike and carry my cell phone in there. I like it much better this way, and I don't have to mess with the baggie.

    I used to be kinda haphazard about carrying my cell phone if I wasn't riding alone, but since my accident, I've been very careful about always having it with me. When I crashed, my husband was able to use it immediately to call 911. I'll never leave home without it now!


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    I lost my entire set of keys on my first bike trip so I guess that I could try something different. I know this is about the cell phones but what about our keys ? Where do you keep them ?

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    See earlier post on a BENTO BOX. It's perfect for both keys and phone.
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