The bike: a Univega Safari Mixte (year unknown).

A local CL post is offering three older bikes for one price-I contacted him to see if he would consider breaking up the group. (I'll have enough 'splainin' to do if I sneak one bike home...never mind three.)

The poster wasn't enthralled with the idea of separating them, but others had apparently inquired, too. He asked what I'd offer for the Univega and I told him I couldn't give a rational figure without seeing it first. (Photos can be misleading in both directions-and these shots are not helpful in determining its condition.)

I'd like to learn to replace components and do adjustments; an older bike might be a good place to start. I could take my time learning the repair process, change out tires (if needed), and not be paranoid about messing up my newer bikes.

Assuming the bike is in pretty good condition overall, would $75-$100 for this bike be a fair place to start? Thanks in advance for any insight.