Hope you have a nice ride up Diablo today! I just checked temps- looking good albeit a bit windy.

My 73 yr old friend Joe Shami from Lafayette has asked me to go up tomorrow. This will be his 110th consecutive week up that mountain. He decided a couple of years ago to see how many weeks he could do a ride up the mountain. Earlier this year, he actually had to WALK up to the summit at one point due to snow and slush.

He's a pretty amazing guy. Did the DRide for the first time in his late 60's. Didn't finish the first year, so the second time round he started at 4AM lights and all. That time he did comlete the ride.

We've been lucky this summer in regards to riding around here (sorry for all the fog over your way MP). Last year I avoided Diablo due to heat. This year, different story although I haven't done the trip with much regularity.

Veronica- which school district and what school are you at? I keep meeting cyclists who teach over your way but can't remember where you might be.