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    We have a very active bus company here in Minneapolis, so they bring the bike racks to events all the time, along with a bike, so people can try them out and have help. They are always at the State Fair, the Green Expo, the Bike Expo, all kinds of place. And, they even will bring it to your workplace to have set up for people to try for one day. It is pretty sweet.

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    I've used bike racks on busses all up and down the west coast (U.S.). The very first time I struggled with it; even though the rules clearly say that the driver is not allowed to help you, he got fed up, got out of the bus, and showed me how.

    I took a friend on the bus recently; I carried my folding bike onboard, but she was struggling with the rack. The driver was trying to give her verbal directions, but she couldn't hear him. Finally someone waiting at the same stop for the another bus got up and helped her.

    I think it's always a little hard the first time, no matter how many times you've watched the video or looked at the diagram; it's just a little different in person.

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    My thought was along the same line as yours; but why couldn't she have at least directed me what to do? All the same, at least I was able to figure it out on my own...
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    Well, guess what a Canadian Arctic city provides buses with bike racks also! : Whitehorse, Yukon.

    http://www.city.whitehorse.yk.ca/ind...97D5EE177BA%7D Most definitely North American cycling infrastructure CAN be different from some European cities...because we must adapt to extreme weather conditions.
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    My city has recently added bike racks to buses. I haven't had the opportunity to try them yet, as my recumbent would have no hope of fitting. Some time I'll get the Raleigh out and give it a go, just because.
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