nscrbug, thanks. Sometimes, I find that I'm a bit too hard on myself and don't celebrate what I've accomplished enough. Its so easy to forget that only a mere 10 months ago, I could barely run 2km.

So, I got myself a HRM with a speed and cadence monitor. Started taking an electrolyte supplement (was definitely NOT getting enough nutrients without supplements before). I looked back on my diary and realized I trained best on peanut butter and nutella sandwiches and chocolate milk. In fact, my health took a nosedive when I bumped those off my diet. What the??!! o.O It makes no sense but I'll do whatever worked. Also, found a group that does steady 28km/h rides to do my long saturday rides with. Its such a relief to find people who I can keep pace with and the ride is SO DIFFERENT from riding alone.

I don't have that terrible feeling that this is as good as I'll ever get, so much any more. Now, to get the bike fitted properly and serviced.