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    Thinking about taking the plunge

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    Does anyone have any ideas on where people sell used 'cross bikes? There are hardly any on eBay or craigslist. (I know that roadies use sites like roadbikereview.com, etc.)


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    Centennial, CO
    I was just in Performace at lunch today, and they had some nice looking cross bikes for less than $1000 - I don't race (yet... ) but I have a 2009 Fuji Cross Comp that I love and ride to death. It's gotten excellent reviews from what I've found, but not being a racer I can't comment on the integrity of the bike in a race situation. I ride pretty hard, and beat the hell out of it, on road and off - I ride it everywhere except where I'd need a mountain bike, and from the races I've been to, well, I've taken it in those same conditions.
    I guess it comes down to budget. I've seen lots of cross bikes for a lot more money. They had the new Cross Comps, and two or three other models that I can't recall the name of right now - they were all right around $900-$1000. I picked up my 2009 at a closeout sale for $800. I have to agree with you - I very rarely see them on craigslist.......
    Jenn K
    Centennial, CO
    Love my Fuji!



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