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    Q on sewing jerseys

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    It appears that between January and now, I have lost enough weight that my jerseys (and my pants, but that's a whole 'nother rant) no longer fit properly. I seem to have only lost weight around my waist, so while my jerseys fit fine (generally) across the bust, I look like a flying squirrel. I don't like to look like I've been shrink-wrapped, but this is absurd. Of course, it is most notable on my favorite jersey. Technically, it's replaceable, as the company doesn't seem to retire their designs every year (at least not for the women's stuff, as there's not as much of it). However, the company is based in the UK and I don't want to pay shipping. BF's mom suggested that I (or someone) take it in. In sewing it, do you just address it like you would another slippery fabric like satin? What do you do about the pockets? Is there anything else I'm not considering because it's 1:30 in the morning?

    Thanks in advance!
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    How are you sewing skills? If it were me, I'd find out how much it would cost for a seamstress to take it in. That way, you'll know it's done right and you can spend your time riding your bike. But if you are a good seamstress, then you could do it.

    Congratulations on your weightloss, by the way!

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    Jerseys are a slippery stretchy fabric. If you're going to do the work yourself, you need to use a stitch on your sewing machine that will allow the stretch part. Most jerseys have a side panel, ie 2 side seams, so it would look best if you took in the necessary ease with all 4 seams. Of course it would all depend on how much weight you lost.

    And congratulations on loosing the weight!

    If you're not going to do the work yourself, then the alterations shop should recommend taking in all 4 seams.

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    Make sure you have a new needle for your sewing machine; dull ones can snag your fabric and make you crazy. Depending on the fabric, you might want a ball-point needle. Take the jersey in to the fabric store and ask what they recommend.

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    Can you take out the elastic and shorten jersey's without a sewing machine? My partner gave me a Bicycle Colorado jersey that is made by Primal wear and it is too long. I'd love to shorten it and put a hand stitch in it. Is that possible?

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    Kathi -- you could, most likely do so. Keep in mind that your pockets on the back will get shorter too. I'd suggest leaving enough fabric so that you can turn it up, say 3/4" and then another 3/4" -- the double fold will give you a little more weight on the bottom, since you're taking out the elastic, and that's part of what the elastic does down there...

    Owlie -- you might consider using 1/4" elastic in the back of the jersey, a bit above the pockets. Look at some of them in stores, if you don't have any that have elastic in them there -- it just sort of reins in the excess fabric. You could simply zig zag that in back there...

    Karen in Boise



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