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    Criterium Racing

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    Anybody got suggestions for racing crits?

    I did my first crit this year (3 all together in my short racing experience) and it was awful!

    I raced in a Women's CAT 4 race....and held on for about 4 or 5 laps out of 19 laps. Not very good! What's frustrating is I'm riding with women that I normally can keep up with in a normal ride.

    Does anyone have any training tips or racing tips on how I can stay with the group for an entire race?

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    Crit racing

    Crits are all about surging and resting and surging and resting. Training with intervals teaches your body how to recover quickly. Also - technique is more important in a crit than in a TT or road race. Cornering is a skill that you need to learn and practice - taking the right line and carrying your speed through the corner - otherwise you are always "chasing back on" Also - your pack position is important - where are you during the race??? You want to be in the front 1/3 - further back is where the "slinky" effect is worse and you can get caught up in crashes. You may want to post this is the race results area - more people with race experience will see it there and can add their two cents. Hope this helps.
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