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Thread: kona dew FS

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    Apr 2010

    kona dew FS

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    Well, I ordered the dew FS and hope it's what I envisioned. I test rode a dew deluxe, but they didn't have the FS in stock to try. I wanted a tad bit more upright seating with a curved top tube. It comes with disk breaks and a kona comfort seat. It comes in kona red!!!!! I wish it were here but gotta wait till next week.

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    Mrs. KnottedYet
    I think you'll be quite happy with the Dew Oh, and welcome to TE

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    My husband has a Dew and he loves it. I kinda wish I got one too.
    ~ Tanis

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    I love my Dew Deluxe! I'm hoping you'll have as much fun on your new Dew FS. I've seen pictures. They sure are pretty! I love the red!

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    I have a Dew Plus as my town bike and I love it. My goodness does that bike take a beating. Enjoy!
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    Kona dew FS is a forum that is related to the bikes and some other gears and the accessories available in the general discussion platform. I have ordered this and then used as a test rode with the coursework writing service of dew deluxe with the FS stoke of try.

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