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    Mar 2003
    st. catharines, ontario, canada

    new to the forum and to MTBing

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    hi everyone !
    what a relief to find a place to chat about bikes and being a woman !! my husband found me this site(team estrogen), hes cool

    so, i don't want to lurk around, and i'd like to introduce myself.
    my name is elizabeth (you can call me Eli for short<pronounced
    E LIE>)
    i live in southern ontario, canada, near niagara falls
    i just bought, or rather my husband bought me a bike last weekend at the toronto bike show.(march 1st) its a giant iguana disc.
    last time i was on a bike was 4 years ago and it was a ccm storm..ha ha, yeah i know major change..

    i haven't ridden my new bike yet, remember, i said i live in ontario, the land of snow and ice..i believe the weather should be getting better in oh...august !!
    really though, they are saying about 2-3 weeks, maybe and i will be able to ride my bike then

    i plan on joining a mtb squad this year, to learn the ins and outs, safety and all that other need to know stuff, i'm excited but a little nervous, i don't want to be the worst ridder out there lol
    its called the sunflower squad, based in st. catharines (anyone heard of it?)

    my husband and his best friend have been riding for 3-4 years, and each year, they get better, faster and return home with more injuries, i think its a competition between the two. my husband (chris) is so excited that i've decided to take up mtbing, we're already planning our summer of travelling and biking choice spots all over ontario.

    there are some good riding spots here, according to chris. there's "short hills" where alot of people go to ride its a provincial park and is well maintained.
    we also have a beautiful paved trail along the niagara parkway that runs side of the niagara river dividing canada and the states.

    if anyone would like some more info regarding my area, please let me know.
    feel free to email me personally if you'd like

    well..i basically just wanted to say hi !!
    and hope i can contribue to the forum.

    well, thats about it, hope to get to know you all and i'll be sure to check in regularly

    take care !!

    Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Aug 2001
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


    Welcome to the world of mountain biking!

    My only piece of advice is: dont let your significant other teach you how to ride UNLESS he has experience teaching. There isn't anything more frustrating in the world than having valuable lessons such as: just follow me....oh don't worry about the descent just keep your weight back...ummmmm GAH!!!

    i don't know what your fitness level is or what kind of terrain you will be riding, but mountain biking can be a real eye opener. It is a lot of fun, and a great challenge. The hardest part for someone to teach someone else is that they forget what it was like to be a beginner. Especially for guy. Guys tend to do all sorts of tricks since they were 5, where we gals were tied up with dollies and such. Have patience and believe in yourself. You will love mountain biking. Expect to fall. you will learn to love every bruise and scrape on your body.

    my three pieces of advice for people learning to ride:
    1) momentum is your friend
    2) yep, keep that weight back
    3) dont think so much.

    Good luck and have fun!


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    Mar 2003
    Brighton, England
    Hi ElizabethC - I just joined the forum today as well and now I've found it I plan to spread the word to as many other cycling girlies as I can.

    I have a friend who lives in Cambridge in Ontario and she said they were running out of placed to put all the dug out snow!

    Hope the weather improves soon and you can try out you new bike. You must be itching to try it. Let us know how you get on.


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    Nov 2002
    the dry side
    Han grrl posted some good info... both about technique and riding with the SO. I quit riding with my hubby until I was good enough not have to listen to his "help".

    other ideas: Women's bike clubs, camps and rides. Depending on where you are there are lots of choices

    One last techinque comment.. keep your butt OFF that seat!! If you can learn to ride in a neutral position, and be dynamic (fluid) not static ( still) it will help immensely. For more info, the books or videos by Ned Overend (Mountain Bike Like A Champion) are excellent.

    Dang too bad team Smack took down that hilarious site about testosterone poisoned males mountain biking... sounds like it would have been perfect to show your hubby.

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    Mar 2003
    st. catharines, ontario, canada

    thanks for the welcome

    i was so excited to come home from work today to read what was written in response to my post, thanks for the warm welcome ladies !!

    yes han-grrl, i believe you when you warn me about chris becoming the "teacher" it did it when i was learning to drive for the second time, that was frustrating too..lol

    irulan - i plan on joining a women's mountain bike squad lead by a pro-elite mountain bike..women
    she offers a mandatory 8 hour course at Brock university or a 4 hour "dirt camp". i just can't wait to share my infinate wisdom with my husband..
    *oh, honey, you're doing THAT wrong, this is what i learned on MY ride today with the squad* ha ha ha

    i know i have to remind myself about the patience factor, i'm somewhat anticipating getting out there and keeping up with the boys, realistically i won't be that good that quickly and they are convincing me they will be patient with me as i learn the techniques.

    MightyMitre - you are right about the snow, although it has been getting milder through out the day and melting, but freezing again at night. the first day i get out there, i will definitely post about my experiences.

    i'm not to afraid to fall, although the whole unclipping from my pedals is on my mind, that'll be a first too, chris tells me i WILL fall over at least once, beginners all do.
    i look at my bruises and scratches as i do the same as the ones i get from work, they've all got stories.
    *i work in a community group home with individuals with developmental disabilities and occasionally a couple of clients can become aggressive, it use to scare me but not anymore, thats the way i look at riding, once i fall i'll get use to the idea that it might happen again

    well, i gotta get the laundry, so have a great day gals !!

    Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Jun 2002
    New Orleans/ South Louisiana
    Welcome, and getting lessons from another woman is a brilliant idea. Learning anything from your SigOth is usually trouble brewing. My tips-
    1- Good helmets are worth every cent. Always wear it.
    2- Don't let anyone make you go clipless 'till you're ready. There's no shame in using BMX pedals on even the trickest MT bike.
    3- You can learn a lot of incidental stuff from magazines (bike porn ) like Mountain Biking or Bicycling. An awful lot of women I've talked to started this way. And anything from eNd Overend just rocks. That's the greatest mountain biking/ punk rock name ever, as well as him being a master technician AND able to write well about it.
    4- You need to ride often so your body can learn. Make sweetums do the laundry, you need to ride .

    Miss Liz



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