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View Poll Results: What type of mirror do you use?

121. This poll is closed
  • bar-end mount

    36 29.75%
  • helmet mount

    15 12.40%
  • eyeglass-frame mount

    32 26.45%
  • none - I have eyes in the back of my head

    11 9.09%
  • none - owls are jealous of my neck

    25 20.66%
  • none - that's what stokers are for!

    2 1.65%
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    As long as we're revisiting this thread I'll add what I noted before - my Chuck Harris mirror survived my December crash nearly unscathed.

    I landed on the left side of my face, just off center so my nose was spared, and skidded briefly. The grinding noise I heard turned out not to be my new helmet - which didn't even touch the ground - but my mirror and sunglasses.

    The glasses were a loss. The mirror itself had a little scrape on the plastic backing. The stem was slightly bent, but easily bent back - bending the stem is how you adjust the mirror anyway. And the soft coating on the mount was scraped off. Not sure now whether it was shrink tubing or the liquid dip stuff - either way, I haven't got around to replacing that yet, just have a bit of duct tape over the edge.

    As I said in my earlier post, if I broke that mirror, I'd really have to be trying. I tried pretty dang hard that time, five stitches in my face, but the ground was no match for that mirror!
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    Does anyone want my ...

    .... collection of helmet mounted mirrors? They all seem to break off, fall off when I store the helmet, put it in the Wald basket ... I like the concept, it works well for me. I tried the glasses mounted mirror once. Even with the lightest and Corkies I was constantly adjusting my glasses.

    Bell has a new commuter helmet with the mirror actually built and front and rear lights. My head is Giro shaped, I don't have a Bell head but I just might try it. They don't show the mirror in this clip but here it is:

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