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    When we set up our household I couldn't BELIEVE how difficult it was to find a spice rack with jars that didn't already contain herbs that had been sitting in a warehouse for G_D only knows how long.

    If that's the only kind you can find, buy it and compost the contents; but empty ones are out there. Then what herbs and spices you don't grow yourself, buy them as needed at a store that sells them in bulk.

    Spices tend to keep a lot longer than herbs, especially whole seeds. I grind almost everything except cinnamon, ginger and turmeric immediately before use. I have to say that since fresh turmeric has become so widely available, I haven't bought any... not quite sure how to use it, or how different it tastes from the dried and ground spice (having only ginger as a reference).

    As for saffron, I doubt it's even possible to buy it fresh in the USA, and honestly, to me, it doesn't seem to lose flavor over the 6-12 months it takes me to use a packet. I still vote for "insufficient quantity" where saffron is concerned.
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    I'm a spice fanatic. If I opened my cupboard right now the two bottles front and center are cumin and granulated garlic. I also use a lot of cinnamon and oregano. Oddly enough I'm not a bit basil fan, except for pesto.

    I work part-time at a spice store so I have more than I ever need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OakLeaf View Post
    What do you put in your chili powder? (actually I don't buy garlic powder, I just put extra garlic in the dish)
    What do you put in your curry powder? And do you toast the spices or not?
    My chili powder consists of ancho chili pepper, cumin, Mexican oregano, garlic, and toasted onion powder. Sometimes I'll add a little natural cocoa powder, fennel, or even a bit of mustard powder.

    I don't really use a premixed curry powder, but my curries always have cumin, mustard, fennel, garlic, coriander, and some paprika. That's the standard but I often mix in some premixed curry blends too, like garam masala or vindaloo.

    Just a general suggestion about spices. Whole spices are good for about two years (saffron included), ground spices about a year, and herbs around a year or less. If you open a bottle and can instantly smell the spice it's probably still good.
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    Oh well, if we are talking 'blends' that we use most, that would have to be chili powder and/or Goya Adobo seasoning. I buy both in bulk.

    And I almost never add salt to my cooking. My DH salts stuff after the fact, so I just leave it out unless it's necessary (like when baking or in yeast breads, etc).

    I really want to make my own chili powder this summer/fall after we harvest our peppers and dry them. I meant to do it last year but our pepper harvest wasn't great.
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