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    REI's Pulse for 2010

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    The 2010 version of the Novara Pulse is now for sale on REI's web site. It looks like they've made some upgrades to this junior size, 26 inch wheeled cyclo cross bike. I like the new Red & White paint scheme. And the price remains $499. This still seems to me to be one of the best entry level cross bikes for a 5 foot tall rider.

    If any of you buy one, please post a review.

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    I looked at it a year or two ago. I bought a Redline Conquest 24 used for just a bit less, but I looked at REI's too because it actually had 26" wheels. The big drawback to the REI bike is that it was surprisingly *very* heavy. For actual cyclocross racing it seemed like it would have been a bit much for run ups and places where you need to carry the bike. If they've lightened it up a bit it might be a great entry level bike for us shorties.
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    I'm not a shorty I'm 5'7, but I looked at the Redline Conquest too and the Giant TSX 0 which I REALLY like. Any of you cross riders have any input? I'm not going to be racing it but I am a bit curious as for what type of terrain I will be able to handle with it? I just sold my MB and I don't enjoy a lot of intense off roading but I do like riding flat dirt trails (no jumping logs for me) for many many miles.



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