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View Poll Results: Solids or Prints?

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  • I like solid and color block tops.

    79 54.48%
  • I like prints.

    66 45.52%
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    Quote Originally Posted by indysteel View Post
    My only pet peeve in women's clothing is all the black. I don't get why so many jerseys and jackets are in black. I want a jersey or top that people are going to see.
    I have this same peeve with running clothes, too...why must so much Winter running gear be black? The last thing I want to do is blend-in with a dreary landscape.

    I don't ever want a motorist to be able to say "but I didn't see her." If I am wearing a day-glo orange jersey or jacket that excuse just won't fly.
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    I like both solids and prints, but I don't like Sheila Moon's prints.
    I'd rather be swimming...biking...running...and eating cheesecake...

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    And just when I'm in my Pedal Wrench agreement comfort zone, what comes across the RSS new product feed?????...a Terry busy-pattern that I actually like. OK, vote me just confused.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MomOnBike View Post
    I'm not a racer, I'm not sponsored, and I am most definately NOT a mobile billboard for any company. (humph!)
    THIS. People should have to pay me to go out in public branded like a billboard.

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    I usually don't like girly or childish prints/graphics.

    My own jersey drawer is filled w/a diverse collection of prints, graphics, solids, etc. If something catches my eye, it's well made (excellent quality), has my pocket/no-elastic preferences, and I like it a lot, I'll buy it.

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    I don't like busy prints, like that Jersey #2 that Pedal Wench posted. I like an overall design, not little repeating prints. I like Primal's designs, even though their sizing is not all that friendly to me. All but two of my jerseys are "prints", by the poll rules. One of the remainder is a color-block, the other is solid or near-solid.
    At least I don't leave slime trails.

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    Solids or color block.
    I like the ones with a contrasting inset at the sides of the waist.

    I choose my colors for visibility. I would not wear dull green, black or brown. I only wear blue if it is bright or includes a hi-vis color block.
    No colors that blend in with nature's background.

    I prefer hot pinks. My strategy is that drivers will be extra careful if they know they are passing a female bicyclist. It gives me a sense of security. It may be a false one, but it works for me.

    I also wear solid street clothes. Patterns are few and far between in my closet!

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    For cycling jerseys and even for most of my off-bike tops, I like solids or colour blocks. I would consider if had the money, a jersey with a fun cartoon or design that was executed well.

    It is a change from a long time, when I would have been more receptive to overall prints for a top. My preferences for design, colour and style have become simpler as I age. It's almost as if I'm stripping my design desires to the core basics. I no longer want busy prints and too much fussy detail near my face.

    Or the closest variation to solid colour, is 1 design in a focused area against a solid colour background.
    Or 1 solid colour with an embossed or watermark like design in same colour, that is more faint, but not busy.
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    I love Sheila Moon prints. I like some prints and some designs.....but I also like solid colors. Often I mix a print with a solid item. I couldn't answer the poll because I'm not one or the other- I'm both.

    One thing i detest like is strange abstract swirl designs just for the sake of having 'something' there. Yuk....like having to buy tissue boxes with busy designs on them that clash with everything in my bathroom, when all i want is a plain neutral colored tissue box. Same thing with paper towels...do I really NEED yet another visual 'busy pattern' in my kitchen?
    Down with gratuitous design elements!

    And logos/brand names?...don't even go there! LOL!
    Between my seam ripper and my black magic marker I can arrange a lot of 'accidents' to logos.
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    I'm not a big fan of Sheila Moon stuff, but I haven't really paid that much attention to it. Seems pastel and waify to me. It has not caught my attention, so I guess that says something.

    My favorite jersey is one of the TE ones from last year's jersey contest. It's the red-on-red. I cannot remember the name of it. I like tone-on-tone. I also like solid and blocks and retro wool jerseys.

    But the most important thing to me on the bike is visibility, not fashion.



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