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    Thank you, everyone!

    MomOnBike, no fencing here since I was a teenager. My main exercise is usually cycling, which I haven't been able to do recently. Well, I'm also shoveling, these days, but I'm looking forward to giving that up as soon as possible!

    All, I'll definitely get it checked out. Probably in June, because that appears to be the soonest my street will see a snowplow....

    As I was getting into bed last night, I barely barely touched my left knee to the bed (having forgotten that I shouldn't do that) when the burning started. Of course I immediately stopped what I was doing. I just cannot get over what a completely weird sensation this is; such a strange feeling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by owlice View Post
    Well, I'm also shoveling, these days, but I'm looking forward to giving that up as soon as possible!
    Duck on Wheels and I were once talking about snow shoveling as a competitive sport. Looks like a great workout, it works the core, entire body. Shoveling can be done for speed, distance, as a team or alone .... TE would carry the line of snow shoveling ware and clothing. There'd be carbon shovels, and of course those who prefer the look and feel of steel

    And of course there will be special shoes! There have to be shoes.

    In time there'd be indoor shoveling machines in the gym or available for home use in an infomercial for only 9.99 a month for 60 months and those who scoff at that and do their off season shoveling in the garden.

    "shoveling machines! that's like driving your car to the gym for the spin class"
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    Trek, now the idea of competitive snow shoveling (and yes, the shoes!) is funny, but in February with snow up to my thighs... !

    I did finally go to my doctor; I had to wait for a few weeks because, ya know, the snow. And laziness and disorganization. Mine, not his. He says "Vitamin D deficiency." (Ummm, really?! And it affects just my left knee??) Gave me a prescription for vitamin D, which I filled, and did not refill when I finished the four one-pill-a-week pills. I now occasionally take a multi vitamin with vitamin D in it.

    The knee feels better; I still have soreness to the touch all along the thigh where the IT band is (on the right leg, too), but I can kneel (gingerly) on the knee. So... I recently went to my doctor for my left arm. He sent me off to get MRIs of both my left knee and my left shoulder and referred me to an orthopedist. Told me to call for the MRI results.

    So I did. Diagnosis: "You're falling apart!" I swear my doctor said this at least five times when I called for the results! (What, are things going to just start dropping off of me now? Can we start with my butt, then?)

    Went to the orthopedist to have him look at my shoulder (because the knee thing isn't having an impact on my life; the waves of pain in my upper left arm are); I have a small tear in the rotator cuff, but the pain is from shoulder impingement, likely from a fall from ice skating... a dozen years ago. Shot of cortisone, come back in a month. Yeah, that's my kind of treatment!! (It had a lot of inflammation.)

    Did not have him look at the knee (which the MRI shows has a torn meniscus) while I was there... because this was a few days before the Wild Goose Chase and I didn't want to hear anything about my knee before the ride! I have my priorities!!!



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