I have made the leap and registered for the Tour de Cure, Indianapolis. This will be on June 12 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - considering I live in easy cycling distance to the track it seemed the perfect first goal for my summer. I was just diagnosed in 2009, and as cycling is becoming one of the primary elements in my anti-diabetes campaign this seemed the perfect event to participate in.

I have no experience in fund-raising - I only have to raise $150, though of course more is never a bad thing! I hope that it isn't inappropriate to post my personal fund-raising page here. It can be found here:


This gives me even more incentive to get out on my bike every chance I get! I selected the recreational ride around the track option - each lap is 2.5 miles and I will make at least 10 laps. 25 miles seems a realistic goal for a novice cyclist.