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    Olney, MD

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7rider View Post
    Ooooo.....are we all gonna have to sing Happy Birthday to a someone on Thursday???? Cool! I'll have cheesecake in your honor!
    I'd prefer to meet and share it with you!
    I'd rather be swimming...biking...running...and eating cheesecake...

    2008 Cervelo P2C Tri bike
    2011 Trek Madone 5.5/Cobb V-Flow Max
    2007 Jamis Coda/Terry Liberator
    2011 Trek Mamba 29er

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    I would just like to point out that one month ago, I was outside shoveling snow for about 4 hours.

    Today I went for my first bike ride of the season.

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    Aug 2009
    Cheesecake on Thursday? I'm in!!

    My February riding journal looks dismal. Sad. Three lonely little entries. ~~ sigh ~~

    March looks like it'll be much better! (Note to self: get rain gear.)

    Zen, NO MORE SNOW! No no no no no no no! (And BTW, please do read the link I left elsewhere about the Manhattan apartment deal. If you didn't have dogs, you could sign right up! )

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    Looking at all the love there that's sleeping
    Quote Originally Posted by owlice View Post
    Cheesecake on Thursday? I'm in!!
    It may not last 'til Thursday. We had a large Costco one on Saturday night with dinner. Leftovers are going a (generous) slice at at time. DH loooooves this cheesecake! Had a great diet day yesterday....right up until that cheesecake called to me from the 'fridge!
    So, see? I was serious. MD...if you want any, better get here soon!



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