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Thread: First 200 K

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    Apr 2003
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    *All* she has to do is finish! 2970 miles, 82000 feet of climbing, 100+ degrees in the deserts, little sleep, 9+ days. (That's roughly a TRIPLE century with 9000 feet of climb every day.) Yeah, should be a piece of cake.

    It is interesting she's the only solo female. Does that mean most women are a) too smart to attempt such a physically and emotionally grueling endeavor, or b) too wimpy??

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    Since she's the only one, she could take 3 months and still be declared the winner (unless there is a rule about a time limit)! I know she's supposed to be a top-notch rider (set some records in other long-distance events) so I'm not saying she is unworthy; I'm just surprised that no other females entered!

    I would sure enter if I only could; considering I can't even ride around the block right now due to my neck injury that is impossible.

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    Previous RAAMs have had multiple women racers, right? My memory ain't so great lately, but I think I remember one in the mid-1990s where there were at least Seana Hogan and Muffy Ritz racing. And Muffy did push-ups at the finish line.



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