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    Jun 2005
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    grease goes...where?

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    My mountain bike had been acting like a commuter bike for far too long and was missing the trails...and besides that, it was looking like a dirty wreck! So I decided it was time for a big cleaning session and then a re-introduction to the mud (haha). All the drivetrain parts were disgusting. I degreased everything, scrub-a-dubbed with my toothbrush, cleaned the rims, yadda yadda yadda. Now that everything's spic and span, I need to grease & lube it up...

    So my question is, what parts need grease/lube?

    I've lubed the chain, derailleurs, cogset, and fork.
    Greased the seat post as it was super dry and also a little on the pedals. I think I need to grease the headset and the bearings, though...and maybe the bottom bracket? But I don't know how to do that without massive taking-apart of components...which I'm not in the mood for (this cleanup is only going so far... :P )

    Any tips?
    Thanks ladies!

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    don't forget other moving part bits - like the quick releases, pedals etc. I know you said you weren't doing teh full thing - but if you change your mind, the gear cables take lube too!

    your bike will love you for the service - happy riding.

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    Apr 2005
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    Yeh! I just found out that cables do indeed need lubing! Mine were making all sorts of weird noises. DH asked the boys at my LBS and they sold him a little bottle of cable lube. Who knew? Cables are sounding a lot better. And after a through cleaning and degreasing my baby is running oh so smooooth. BikerHen



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