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    Also, just FYI... my bone density at 50 diagnosed "osteopenia".. I know there's been some threads going around questioning if this condition even exists or if it is just natural aging.

    Anyway, that was 8 years ago. They put me on Actonel. I took it for 1.5 years and my next bone density I had recovered all the bone loss and put on some extra. So, I stopped taking it. But I had zero adverse reaction to the Actonel. I just hated that I had to take it first thing in the morning (1x a week) and couldn't eat, drink or lay down for an hour after I took it.

    Fast forward 6.5 years -- bone density test and bingo -- "osteopenia" again! Now I'm just doing Calcium and Vit D. Do up for another bone density in a few months to see how it's doing, but if I had to take Actonel again I would do it.
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    Just as well I read the info before taking the medication.

    Just returned from seeing a doctor (same clinic I visited Mon. but different Dr.) Went to sort out ear infection which wasn't responding to treatment, mentioned the tooth abscess (same side as the offending ear) and then the fact that I had decided not to take the Actonel prescribed by a different doctor in the same practice. The doctor today praised me for being cautious and told me that this drug should not be taken within 6 months of having completed any intrusive dental work and certainly not during the treatment. He said that the drug was the right one to treat my suspected Osteoporosis, but not the right one for me to take at the moment. I queried the need for a bone density test to confirm what was going on with my spine and he happily filled out a referral form. At least I'll know what shape my bones are in now and, perhaps in a year, I'll ask for another test to see if my walking, light weights conditioning program and vitamin intake has made any difference.

    From what I've read in "Herbs & Natural Supplements" Lesley Braun & Marc Cohen taking supplements can be a complex balance, easily upset if you take too much, not enough or not any. I think I'll have to consult a professional for advice.

    Thanks for your feedback. It's interesting to know how other people deal with the same problem.

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    I can't answer for Zen, but when my gynocologist was suggesting i get the vitD blood test, I said "So I get the usual 400mg in a daily multivitamin....if it turns out from the test that I'm deficient then I should maybe double or triple that for a while to like 800 or 1200mg?".....
    and he answered- "No no, they are drastically rethinking the minimum daily requirement now to perhaps ten times what they thought people needed all these years, so you may see vitamins get readjusted to 4,000mg or more soon. But when I find my patient deficient i have her take 10,000 to 12,000mg per day for a few months, then go back to around 5-8,000 mg daily after that as a normal daily amount."

    Needless to say, I was pretty amazed. But he is a smart and experienced women's doctor who's had thousands of patients over the decades, many of them older women with bone issues. I now make sure I ingest at least 4,000mg a day, but then again i don't have a D deficiency.
    I also think it's important to try to balance your vitamins and minerals so that you are not taking a lot of one thing and hardly any of another thing that needs to work together with it. That's why I like to take fish liver oil that has both A&D naturally, calcium along with magnesium and the vitD, and vitC with riboflavinoids (sp?). I figure thats how lucky cavewomen would eat- stumbling upon wild fruits or fish and eating the whole complex shebang- peel, pulp, seeds, skin, organs, certain bones or marrow, liver, and all.

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    Bearing that in mind BleeckerSt Girl, what does 12.5mcg cholecalciferol (equivalent to Vit. D3 - 500 IU) translate into? mcg are less that mg aren't they? It's in the 600mg Calcium tablet I was given at the pharmacy. I suspect that it won't be nearly enough to make a difference to my situation, especially when taking the dosages in some of the previous posts into consideration.

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    If you are interested in Vit D and the changing thinking about how much one needs, how it is best measured and tested for, what it affects and how you should get it (diet, supplements, sunshine), a doc that I work with just did an hour long lecture on it. The talk is directed at other docs, but he's a relatively plain spoken kind of guy, so he doesn't launch into incomprehensible med speak unless entirely necessary and even gives the listeners a warning when he's about to do it.

    You can find his talk streaming here http://www.seattlechildrens.org/heal....aspx?id=73843

    One of the more interesting things I learned is that sun dried mushrooms (especially shitake) are an incredible source of D - they produce D in the sun much like your skin does! You can even expose already dried shrooms to the sun and create more D that is stored. Sardines are good too, but shitakes are much more tasty.
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    Good for you for reading the fine print on the medication and doing the research and getting a second opinion. You are your own best advocate in the end. I hope the latest series of tests give you some useful info and that those bones heal up soon.



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