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    May 2007
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    Alternative Transportation

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    After my epic adventure in May, I was off the bike for 2 weeks until my knee healed, and had to use a motor vehicle a lot, which for me is alternative transportation.

    On Sunday I hurt my back making pancakes.

    Yesterday (Thursday) was the first day I could bend over AND straighten up all by myself without grabbing something to pull myself up with.

    So this has been another week of alternative transportation. I think if I could get ON and OFF a bike, I could ride ok. But I don't think I can get on and off the bike.

    A recumbent would come in handy around now. I bet I could get on a bent. I'm not sure I could stand up again, once I stopped!

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    Newberg, OR
    Hope you heal up soon. And dang...those must've been some pancakes!
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    Sounds still painful. Hope you heal in time when Maidei the doll comes around to your area, you can go for a ride.
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