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    Bike Commuting 101 from Bike Pittsburgh

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    From Bike Pittsburgh. Saw this on another forum. Thought folks might find it useful, too.

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    This was neat! I like the way they've used pictures to make the info more accessible and each situation easy to visualize.
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    Thanks for sharing that! I really found it interesting and helpful. I think I'm going to print it off and post it at work... maybe inspire some of the other teachers there to try it (especially many of them that live within a couple miles of school). I can always hope!
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    I just have to give the two thumbs up to Bike Pittsburgh and my hometown.
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    Very cool!
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    That's a beautiful brochure. I like that other one that is popular too, from California I think or maybe Portland? A lot of other cities have adapted it. But I think it's good to have options, and this one has more detail and presents things differently than the other one.

    I would have really liked something like this when I first started commuting. I blush to think how naive I was about some things, like lights ("I can see ok, why do I need lights?") and sidewalks ("If I hit a pedestrian it won't hurt as much as if I hit a car.")

    Pretty pictures. They don't look childish, so they help overcome the impression that bicycling is just for kids. The cyclist does look like one of those bendy dolls. That made me laugh a little.

    I really like that the cyclist in the pictures is a woman. And not obviously caucasian--she could be any of several ethnicities.

    A minor nitpick: the double negative in the helmet section is confusing. Of course, the helmet message is not often not understood.

    The only thing I don't like is that they recommend that silly right-turn-then-turn-around method of a left turn. I think that is a dreadful idea! Fortunately it is a little difficult to understand so hopefully most people won't try it.



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