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    those noseless saddles

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    Yesterday as part of our family gathering/birthday party/going away party for my daughter in law and son, we rode a conference bike.. (see all about that on another thread)
    it had several different saddles on it, 7 to be exact, but the one I sat on was one of those noseless ones.

    It was scary . You HAVE to hold on, because you are just balanced there. I do not see doing a lot of riding with a saddle like that.

    I see i posted this in "favorite saddles" but it was NOT a favorite saddle...
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    I had a noseless saddle on my former bike...loved it on that bike. That bike was stolen though.

    When I got a new bike to replace the stolen bike I put a noseless saddle on it but it wasn't the same. Just a bad combo with the new bike so I replaced it with a brooks.



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