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    Nov 2008
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    Bontrager Inform WSD

    What's the latest on this saddle? I know Bontrager has had a bad rep in the past. Is this saddle better - anyone loving it?

    also, must one use their fitting system or is their a correlation to already knowing your sitbone measurements?

    Mine are about 117mm center to center. Would the 140mm be a good fit? Photos make it look like it has very little 'slope' off the sides in the back.

    I'm curious about this one :)

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    I tried one. Loved the "dent" for soft tissue relief. Loved the stiff shell. Hated all the padding.
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    I seriously looked into one...did the Bontrager butt "fitting" and all...was told I would need the 150mm saddle. Took one look at it and all that padding, and immediately crossed it off my list. I also didn't like the baby blue accents on it, as my bike is mostly red/black and a saddle with blue in it would look terrible on my bike. I even considered the men's version, since it was black/red/silver...but the men's version does NOT have the "indentation" to relieve soft-tissue pressure, which is something I need. So...no Bontrager Inform saddle for me.

    FWIW...I ended up with a Specialized Phenom 143mm...which is actually a men's MTB saddle with a cut-out...go figure! But it seems to be working fairly well for me. I need a few hundred more miles on it though, to really make a final decision on it.

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    May 2008
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    I tried one last year. Liked the nose very much. Returned it because it was too pear-shaped. If it was t-shaped I probably would have kept it.

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    Nov 2005
    Which model InForm saddle did you try? The R (about $70) has more and softer foam than the RL (about $100).

    The Bontrager web site for the RL:
    where it says:
    "covered with Bontrager's Zone Density foam", which has firmer foam in the back half and softer in the front.

    And for the R:
    where it says:
    "20% more foam has been added for riders who prefer a plusher ride with a little more cushion."

    Just wondering if you might have tried the R whether the RL might be better.

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    DH rides the men's RL on the tandem. The men's has a softer foam insert insead of the cutout. The RL is definitely harder. I would rate it's hardness similar to the Specialized Alias/Jett (women's). Of course there are harder saddles out there but if you like a bit of give with firmness it might work for you.



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