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    where the wind comes sweeping down the plain

    A Hotter 'N Hell Adventure

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    Saturday my DH and I did our first HHH. Not our first centuries by any means, but our first with over 14,000 people.
    It was a great/scary/exciting experience. LOTS of riders- some experienced, some not, some just like me. It was a little too crowded at times, but the experience is something to behold for sure!
    I did the 100K, DH did the 100 miles. My biggest reason for doing the 100K? I wanted to get back before the expo closed so I could snag some awesome clearance prices on jerseys and other cycling goodies (which I did- SCORE). If I'd done the 100 miles I would've been cutting it too close.
    I have my reasons... even if they do involve finishing early enough to go shopping

    Here's a link to my blog that has pictures and a more detailed story if you care to read it.

    Let's hear about your HHH adventure stories!

    Ok- one picture. Me on Sheppard AFB riding through the area where they had all the old planes on display. Some very impressive machinery. I had to get a picture with the angry fighter jet (I wish I knew it's story). We're both grinning, but for different reasons (man- that's a really close shot of my face ).
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    You look great! Some of our club folks went down there and had a great time. I heard it wasn't too hot, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuckervill View Post
    You look great! Some of our club folks went down there and had a great time. I heard it wasn't too hot, either.
    Rode my third Hotter 'n Hell, and had a pretty good time... The weather was great, in fact it was 64 degrees on the start line Saturday morning, and it only got up to around 92 a little after noon. Over 14,200 riders, so it was the biggest HHH to date by more than 2000 folks. The wind made up a bit for the temperature differential, though... the only place along the course where you didn't have a head or cross wind (~12 mph with a few gusts) was on the initial run to Iowa Park, and on the last little stretch from Dean to the beer stop at Mile 98. Lots of crashes, though... Don't think there were many, if any serious injuries, but there were at least three times the whole pack came to a stop like a freeway traffic jam, and we passed lots of ambulances running around. I made the loop in just a hair over 6 hours; the only disappointment being that when I got to the finish line the sponsor had changed, and all they had was Michelob in plastic bottles

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    I did the 100 miles for the first time. It was an awesome ride. The weather was perfect and the hills weren't bad. I even made it in time to catch the consumer show. I wish I knew there was a beer stop! I skipped the last 3 rest stops. Darn.



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