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    Canadian moving for 6 months in Victoria

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    I'm from Canada. My husband works for Parks Canada and might be going to work in Victoria for 6 months. I guess there is a Park there but I don't know all the details. Can someone give me info on location, house rentals, schools...

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    Perth, Western Australia


    Hey there,

    Can you find out the exact place you'll be moving to in Vic? Will you have to rent a house or will it be provided by the company? www.realestate.com.au is a good place for places to rent.

    In terms of schools etc www.vic.gov.au will be the place to start.

    Do you guys mtn bike? If so, bring them down with you as there's some great tracks in Vic!!!

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    Hi Violette,

    Victoria has lots of national parks, mostly in the alpine regions - the victorian high country. It really is spectacular and where they hold the Audax Alpine Classic in January. There are also parks closer to Melbourne, Victoria's capital.

    Do you know where he will be located in Victoria? Another good website for rentals is www.domain.com.au but it will be most helpful to narrow it down for a region. Its a pretty big place!



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