First off thanks for this great forum, after a lot of searching I have ordered my new MTB seat based on my research here.

I am pretty keen to try BMX and on a budget, and spotted an ex-demo which has 'brake cable lug on forks removed' but is otherwise intact. I have done some googling but can't quite figure out what a brake cable lug is, where I can get a new one (it's a Haro BMX) and whether it's something I can fit myself (I'm quite technically minded, though know very little about bikes).

It's a pretty big saving bringing a solid brand name within budget - I wondered if anyone can give me a 'steer clear', 'a bike shop will do it for x', 'easy home fix' or perhaps none of the above...

(Off to ask a question about dirt jumping now that will reveal the true extent of my noobiness.)

Many thanks for any input.