We've recently received an email from a forum member expressing concern regarding the potential for stalkers to use information found on the forums to target women. That prompted us to issue this reminder of "best practices" for participating in public spaces (like these forums) on the internet:

- Avoid disclosing personally identifiable information either in your profile or in your posts. This includes full name, street address, phone number and email address.
- Those individuals wishing to exercise an abundance of caution should also consider avoiding using their photo as their avatar, or posting identifiable pictures of their car / bike / house.
- Always keep in mind that the forums are a public space and *everything* you post can be read by *anyone*, indefinitely. It is hard, if not impossible, to fully "erase" something you've posted - it could have been indexed by a search engine or cut-n-paste by someone and posted somewhere else.

While we have absolutely no reason to believe that anyone has ever been targeted via participation on the Team Estrogen forums, we nonetheless feel it is prudent to remind everyone to be cautious and protect their personal information.