Surly has issued a safety recall notice for their Pugsley Forks.

Forks May bend above the disc tab, causing hazard to the rider.

(1) Aftermarket Surly Pugsley 100mm Spaced Disc Only Non-Offset Forks (FK0704) that have black finish and triple water bottle mounts; and

(2) 135mm Spaced Disc-Only 17.5mm Offset Forks in red, yellow, and black finishes that were sold both aftermarket (FK3175, FK3181, FK0706) and on complete Pugsely bikes as original equipment (FM3110-14, FM3175-79, BK3110-14, BK3175-79). The 135mm forks are stamped with date code “2012 06 19.”

Remedy: Consumers should stop using forks immediately and contact an authorized Surly dealer to arrange for replacement or refund.
For more information, call:
(877) 946-9333