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Thread: Back at it!

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    Talking Back at it!

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    I had bunions removed on both sides of my left foot, exactly three months ago today. Recovery's been waaaaay slower than I imagined. I finally got back to riding (in sneakers, not clipped in, as it hurts too much to twist my foot out of the clip). So yesterday I rode to the clinic where I work on Fridays, about 2 miles. Easy peasy. I had requested a half day, as I need to be at a meeting at the hospital (2 miles from the clinic) at 2 PM.

    Oh, they cut off my patients at 11:30, alright. But they scheduled SEVENTEEN women in 3 hours! It was nuts. A special thank you to the 5 who no-showed. At 2:20 PM, I was able to leave, and rode hell-bent-for-leather to get to the meeting.

    I arrived, panting, locked up the bike, went into the meeting room, apologising and explaining. The chair of the OB dept said, "Did you RUN here?"
    I explained that I'd ridden my bike. Then I sat back and marvelled that I could ride my bike like that ... like the maniac that I usually am. Life is sweet.
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    Wahoooey Lise!! Tis great when you get back on your bike and feel that "ahhhhh"feeling.


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    what a great story! you're back in the saddle again!!
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    Hooray for you, Lise. You rode it like you stole it, huh? (who here had that as their signature???).
    17 patients? Geez- even with 5 no shows that had to be brutal. Talk about herding them in and out- sheesh.

    Glad to know you can ride again, and sprint like a mad woman if you need to.
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