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    Angry Hot crotch in saddle

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    I've been riding about 3 months. After I'm in the saddle and I hit the 25 mile mark,[ I can always tell even if I don't look at my computer] due to My crotch is on Fire. I use chamois butter, and I wear a good chamios padded shorts.
    I don't have pain just extreme heat. When I stop it stops. My saddle is a Specialized Dolse womans.
    Any ideas out there?

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    please do a search on this, there are many threads
    Welcome to TE by the way, tell us a little more about you.
    But here's one for starters.
    Look in the health thread and the saddle thread

    go here:


    also, sometimes a haircut is what is needed.
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    You could try installing a window unit air conditioner on your top tube.

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    Is this anything like Lindsay Lohan's fire crotch?
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    Hey - maybe you need a Terry Butterfly Ti. I didn't care for the saddle, but I did notice that even on really hot days, after my ride the area around the cutout would be ICE cold! The saddle, not me. I never figured that out, but the airflow must have been just right. I've never seen anyone else mention this, but I always figured it would be a nice feature to have on a long ride, had the saddle itself been the right shape.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalidurga View Post
    Is this anything like Lindsay Lohan's fire crotch?
    I hope not
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    Quote Originally Posted by silver View Post
    You could try installing a window unit air conditioner on your top tube.

    LOL! My hubby would do that very thing!

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    Hey, welcome to TE! Too bad your first post is about such a touchy subject. We'd love to hear more about you and eventually you'll figure out if you need a new saddle or if your bike fit is wrong or whatever it is that is causing your discomfort.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sundial View Post
    LOL! My hubby would do that very thing!
    Hmmm, so would Silver's! I want to meet your hubby!
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