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    May 2009

    Red face My first ride on my beginners roadbike Campbelltown to Bulli Pass

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    My husband surprised me with a beginners roadbike. He's been cycling for a year and he's always wanted to get me a bike and experience what he enjoyed to do. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I do now. About 3 weeks ago on a cool Saturday morning we started at 6am and cycled to Bulli Pass from Campbelltown. It was about 80km there and back in total. I was with my husband and a friend till Cataract Dam then our friend went back and my husband and I continued down Bulli Pass. We stopped a couple of times on the way there (one was my first toilet experience on the side of the road, cold!). The hardest part for me was the initial start of the ride and warming up. I didn't warm up till we got to Appin. I found that harder then the couple of hills we had to endure there. But the ride down Bulli Pass was awesome but I didn't realise till I had finished that it was ridiculously dangerous considering I'm a mum of 4 going at a top speed of 73kph. Like who does that? Athletes? Well I'm far from an athlete and I was actually embarrassed about that and didn't brag about that to anyone except my brothers (of course had to give them something to wish for they could do themselves!). My husband reacons if I know what I'm doing and know my bike then I'm sweet to go to that kind of speed but for me I think I'll put a speed limit on myself or else I'm going extreme sports styles and I think that I gotta be more cautious, I feel selfish enjoying the thrill of it and I just kept pushing it and keeping low to go faster, all I kept saying was 'go baby, go!' For my first experience on my roadbike I think that was pretty extreme! The ride back was easier not faster since we had to walk back up Bulli Pass! I did ride a quarter of the way but my husband told me to get off to save the energy in my legs for the ride back, but I really wanted to see how far I could go up but I knew he was right. He didn't know whether I could endure the ride back since it was my first ride. So we stopped a couple of times on the way back and it took us 5 hours all up. I'm looking forward to our next ride. We haven't decided where yet but we'll be doing this monthly till our kids get older and we don't have to find babysitters all the time we'll be able to go more regularly. I never thought I could do something like this before it's a big achievement for me and I've been encouraging others to check this out it's awesome. Love the fresh air the morning and the thrill of riding next to the traffic which makes me push myself further. Well, let me know what you all think.

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    hey there!

    Nice to see another Australian round these parts. Good to hear you're out there cycling & enjoying the roads. Keep riding

    You may find some more riding partners at the australian cycling forum on BNA www.bicycles.net.au

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    WA, Australia
    Congratulations on your ride.

    Walking up Bulli Pass would have been a work out in its self never mind after riding for kms. Well Done!
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    wow! you rock! Youll be going on those Tour de femme things in no time at that rate!

    But really,watch the downhill speed. It brings to mind last years Tour, where a young rider went all hot rodding, and rode right OVER THE EDGE! He was ok, but thats rare! You can get killed , esp if your new. Please promise me, to be safe!!

    Im checking out that site, I need a ride buddy!
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