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    Mar 2011
    Near Buffalo NY

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    Hi. As I posted in another thread, I will be in the area the first week in April with my bike and would love to ride. Not a racer, and a little out of shape, but figure there is some safety in numbers on the road as far as traffic. I will be staying with non biking friends.

    I will also have my endurance horse with me (the friends ride endurance also) so if anyone rides horses, that could be fun also.

    Just a shot in the dark---I understand if people are hesitant to meet someone from the internet!! Laura

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    Dec 2005
    NW Phoenix, AZ

    Too late now, but if you return...

    A cyclist that rides. Yes! Finally! I cycle and ride, used to anyway, as my good buddy passed away last winter and I haven't had the heart to replace him yet. If you are ever back in Phoenix, I live on the north - middle to west side. On horse property. Not far west, though. Email me! Nancy
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