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    3 egg whites and one whole egg, scrambled and either:

    bagel with cream cheese and jam

    whole wheat toast with peanut butter and jam

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    Sep 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by tulip View Post
    clafoutis aux pommes. It's like a big puffy apple pancake. It's very easy to make, and you can make it with cherries or pears, too. .
    Sounds yum. There's a cherry clafouti recipe in my Vegetarian Epicure book. I love it, but I totally am impressed that you make it for breakfast.

    I have kefir mixed with grape juice and boosted with whey protein powder. Plus half a peanut butter sandwich. Or Nutella, but I'm usually not responsible enough to have that in the house.


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    Apr 2009
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    In cold months I love scrambled eggs with black beans and hot sauce, either on its own or rolled into a wrap.
    Also- steel cut oats cooked in a crockpot overnight with nuts and cranberries in there.
    Warmer months, whole grain breads with nut butter and fresh fruit- bananas and granola-
    homemade yogurt sundae- layer yogurt with frozen berries, fresh berries, bananas, granola, etc.

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    Special K with protein, a few banana chips, mac nuts, and a teaspoon of Nutella on the side. Or, a slice of bread with some Nutella and natural peanut butter mixed together.

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    Sep 2008
    Atlanta, GA
    I'm really pretty regimented (and boring) with breakfast. 3-4 days per week, just whole grain cereal, skim milk, and fruit. On the days I work out at the gym, either peanut butter toast, and sliced bananas or two poached eggs and wheat toast.

    However, 2x per year (Christmas and Easter), I cook a big southern breakfast--homemade buttermilk biscuits, stone-ground grits (cooked the slow way), poached or scrambled eggs. When I became a vegetarian the breakfast meats left (along with the milk gravy made with bacon drippings). No one in my family has ever complained about the lack of bacon and sausage. My biscuits with jam are too good!

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    I've eaten Cascadian Farms Organic "Honey and Oat Granola" for breakfast most mornings for a couple of years. I put in cranberries or fresh fruit. The cinnamon raisin variety is awful.

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    I like oatmeal with an english muffin(with PB) or french toast. I started working a different shift, 6:30a-5p. I haven't been eating before I leave for work(leaving the house 5:50a) and usually have time at work around 7:30a and have bringing cold cereal, or english muffin w/PB or yogurt. I'm going to make a batch of oatmeal for a few days, bring it to work and heat it up. Anyone know how oatmeal warms up?
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    It warms up fine, although you may want to dilute it with a little more water before cooking. Usually if I make steel cut oats I make several days' worth. It's too much cooking for just one day's breakfast.

    Anyway, my breakfast: on cold days, oatmeal with PB and raisins or other dried fruit. On warm days, cold cereal with a handful of nuts and fresh fruit.
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    Tulip - thanks for posting your method. It sounds fabulous. I don't have the proper type of pan, however, so I'm out of luck for the moment...
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    My usual breakfast is an egg and egg whites scrambled with spinach and a laughing cow wedge. I also toast up a couple of mini pitas from Trader Joes.

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    -Whole grain toast with natural peanut butter (hate any other kind), skim milk
    -Oatmeal made with skim milk and added natural peanut butter and fruit - either blueberries, cranberries or banana
    -Cappuccino and lately light orange juice with calcium

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    Apr 2009
    Sometimes I like milk toast for breakfast - cheap white bread toast, crumbled up into warm milk and butter.

    Other times I like oatmeal with a little milk, fake sugar, and 2 pieces of buttered toast and a large glass of milk

    Or rice krispies with bananas cut up into it (and fake sugar). With milk.

    Or if I'm feeling particularly industrious, I'll make upma, which you can think of as curried cream of wheat. you fry up spices - mustard seed, neem leaf, cumin seed, a little bit of urad and chana dal, in a little oil. Add some onions and potatoes diced really small. when that's about cooked add tomato puree and simmer (make sure the potatoes are done before the next step). Then add water and cream of wheat. I eat it with soy sauce, a really nasty habit I picked up from my ex, it's like putting ketchup on your cottage cheese to Indians. But that's the way I learned to eat it, so that's what seems normal to me.

    I almost never have that much ambition in the morning though.
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    Jan 2009
    Im going to make that apple thingie, with quinoa flour. It sounds like apple cobbler! Yum! Maybe with cherries...
    I dont eat much, when Im riding to work.
    Two bananas and a bottle of apple blackcurrant. but for tea( 11 am) I have fresh veggies cut up( my current fave is radish, garlic, carrot sprouts, green bell peppers,tomato, cucumber and any thing else that strikes my fancy) with four tablspoons of hot okra curry poured over as dressing( the spicier the better as its flavors the veggies more), Oh and some halumi.( Fried cheese, like a grilled cheese without bread. I cant have grain).
    Now that is cold, Im going to need a hot brekkie and that sounds like a good idea.( that apple thingie) Does it microwave well?Ihave to get up at 530 amanyhow to get to work on time, so Im not cooking it!
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    Before a 100k+ epic weekend ride in the mountains I would have porridge with dried fruits and tea and a banana. Sometimes I'd just have a couple of slices of toasts with scrambled eggs instead.
    On a work day ,,, just tea and toasts
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    May 2008
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    I love breakfast! Sometimes I go to bed looking forward to it!

    2 eggs and toast, or oatmeal with peanut butter, or cereal, or or or....mmmmmm I would much rather just have breakfast 3 times a day!
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