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    I'm a dog owner and avid cyclist and all I can say is "I'm soo sorry about this!!!" I so wish that more dog owners were responsible and understood a dogs need for boundaries and guidance, and a cyclist's right to the road. I feel for the dog, but I feel so much for you. I hope you recover quickly and am sending many healing vibes your way.
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    Ariel - So sorry to hear about your mishap, and hope you recover quickly. Be good to yourself.

    I am a dog lover and "mother" to two lovely Goldens, but I have no patience for irresponsible dog owners.

    Please keep us up to date on your progress and know that we are all thinking of you.

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    +1 to what andtckrtoo just said. Ultimately, it's really not the dog's fault. I can't believe she would even consider for a moment putting him down because she will not take responsibility to do the work in training him or keeping him contained. It's really sad that the throw-away mentality that some people have adopted extends to living beings, especially when those beings depend on us for so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiffer View Post
    What a horrible experience and I can't believe how that dog owner handled it.

    A lawyer named Gary Brustin spoke at our club meeting recently. He is a cyclist and all he does now are cycling related cases. His website says he is a California bicycle accident attorney, but he handles cases in other states through associate counsel. He will discuss the details of the case and bike laws, explain procedures, and advise you of your rights.

    Here's a link to his site if you are interested. http://bicyclelawyer.com/

    I'm not a "sue happy" person either, but would at least look into my rights and the rights of the dog owner if I were you.

    Hope you heal quickly and are back in the saddle soon!
    He's actually handled a similar case. the dog ran out , cylclist crashed, but the owner demanded the cyclists identify the dog via a police lineup the Judge had other ideas
    Your insurance will be looking to get their money back, but you may have to pay them from the settlement (which I've been advised will happen when(iF) I ever settle(I have Anthem BC))

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    Quote Originally Posted by MM_QFC! View Post
    +1...also, (as a rider who was knocked off my bike by a car last year, I'm still in the midst of recovery, retained an attorney, etc), I'll relay my attorney's suggestion of getting pictures of everything you can, as soon as possible...pictures of the "scene"...approaching it, maybe with that gate open...be sure to have pictures taken of all of your injuries and damages to your bike...keep taking injury pics even as bruises go through technicolor stages, video of how your movements, work, daily activities are restricted or prevented by your injuries...it's a pain to add atop all of the other pains, but pictures do tell the story, and any journal, plus logs of mileage, costs, all help too...best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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    First off.... I am sorry this happend and I sure hope you start to feel better soon.

    I just had a horrible day getting chased by dogs and falling off my bike but my injuries are a scratch compared to yours!

    I am a dog owner as well and if someone hit my St Bernard they would be in a world of hurt. He is very good about staying around the house, but he really likes it IN THE HOUSE>>> IN MY BED!!


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    I, too, am of the get a lawyer contingency. I had a similar accident because of a dog and spent 2 days in ICU with 7 places that bled in my brain. I shudder to think how I'd be without having had on a helmet. No lasting effects--just had to stay home for a week and only watch television. Then 6 weeks with nothing to increase my heart rate.

    The dog owner placed all the blame on me because, "my dog wouldn't have hurt you." I mainly wanted an apology--got none. I wish I'd have made him more responsible for his dog--who stills comes to the edge of their property and barks his head off at cyclists. He at least now is behind an electric fence. My only recourse after the fact was to report it to the sheriff's office for there to be a record in case another accident happened. BE SMARTER THAN I WAS.
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    Good healing wishes to you, Ariel. Sounds like you have some great advice from everyone here.

    Reading this makes me a bit more leery of dogs in a whole new way, while I'm out riding. (I love them and understand them in almost all other circumstances!).

    Take good care of yourself.
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    Wow! How awful! Heal fast, Ariel.

    Some people really shouldn't be allowed to have pets - I think you just met one of them. The thing that really gets me is that you mentioned she actually has a GATE and doesn't use it! How simple - it never should have happened. Even if she doesn't give a cr@p about bikers (even ones with broken bones due to her irresponsible behavior), apparently she believes it's kinder for the dog to be allowed to run around in the road and get run over by a car . I love my doggie - the invisible fence is the best thing we ever bought.

    How could that woman possibly try to blame you??! Grrr.

    I do have to admit, I grew up on a farm, and our dogs were never confined when I was a kid, except at night. That was a long, long time ago. We all know better now. I also must divulge that our German Shepherd bit a biker. And so did our other dog. The same guy. A guy my Mom worked with when she used to teach, before I was born. This was all before I was born. Apparently, dog #1 was confined for two weeks afterward, and then the police came to the door the first day she was let out - only it was the other dog that time, and then HE had to be kept indoors for two weeks. There - we all have our shameful secrets.

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    Oh no, how awful for you! I hope you heal fast and don't have much pain. I must say this is my biggest fear on the bike, even more than cars I am afraid of dogs.

    I really hope this works out and some of this great advise helps you to recover financially as well as physically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arielmoon View Post
    BF and I were out for a short ride on Saturday and I was cruising along a bit ahead of him when out of nowhere a dog ran out and hit my front tire. I believe he meant to chase me as he did 3 weeks ago while I was riding with a friend past the same farm. Long story short I had no time to react other than to reach for my brakes before he wiped me out. I fractured my pelvis in 2 places and also my sacrum. OWIE! Doc says no surgery because they are stable but 6-8 weeks recovery.

    The dog was fine and the owner started out pretty rude. She asked why I would come down a road when I knew there was a dog that chased bike riders.
    This is horrible, I am so sorry to hear about your accident.
    First thing to do - file a Police report right away. It is not only to make sure that they obligate the owner to lock up that dog - but also to protect yourself in case the owner goes out with false claims that you injured her dog in a bike accident.
    And then find a good attorney that has experience in bicycle accidents and can assist you. The dog's owner should cover all your medical expenses, time away from work, etc.
    Talk to your insureance company too, they may have good advice on how to handle the case.
    Good luck and I hope you recover fast!
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    gee, I hope she comes back soon to read all this!
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    This is horrible! It breaks my heart that you had to go through this, but even worse that the owner wasn't more concerned about YOU! I'm doing some research on who is responsible when a dog hurts a biker and found this article helpful: Dog versus bike accident

    Good info but basically it says that the dog owner is responsible!



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