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    gee, Skinnymini, you are doing really well!
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    I hope this link works. I'm such a non-techie, it's excruciating. I know it really doesn't help anyone outside the Atlanta area, but thought I would post anyway.

    I think I overdid it this week--my legs are so tight and sore this evening. I only managed about half the trek today. I'm definitely taking a day of rest tomorrow.

    Biciclista, has Spring arrived in the PNW? My son lives in Olympia, but I haven't talked to him in a few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuckervill View Post
    I rode part of the Katy Trail in MO 2 summers ago on my road bike, pulling my dog in the baby trailer! I might have gone faster if it weren't 102 degrees that August!

    Last fall, we saw a couple pull up to our favorite coffee house off the Katy. As we watched they pulled TWO (not small) dogs out of the baby trailer! What a riot!

    OH, and the best part of gravel? You feel like a rocket when you get back on the pavement. I suspect it's good training (increased resistance).
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    Quote Originally Posted by skinimini View Post
    I'll definitely give the whole trail a try. Not only is it a way to get from point A to point B, it's also a really pretty trail, meandering along the river. My concern was not the bone jarring ride (I expect that). I'm just such a rule follower that I didn't want to do anything to damage the bike. I just need to lighten up a little and make sure I know how to change a flat tire! (That comes Sunday at the LBS)

    I really appreciate all the suggestions!
    No need to worrry on that, it won't hurt the bike. As far as riding on the bike, it'll help if you can ride 'relaxed' and keep more of your weight low on the bike. Don't try to fight the bike. It's sort of a mtn bike thing, but it's how you can get through sand and gravel. I take my road bike w/ 23s on it on a 2-track trail to get between a couple roads. Also over some pretty rough gravel. No issues. Just right relaxed and moderate pace. A bit of momentum can be helpful.

    I do a lot of CX and mtb riding as well. Some of my road riding mates believe that my motto is 'no ride is complete w/o a bit of gravel road'

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    Just remember, gravel is LESS scary the faster you go.



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