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    Quote Originally Posted by redrhodie View Post
    I think back to the days when I'd go back and forth on the bike path, and be so exhausted when I got home, my legs all rubbery feeling. It was 8 miles! There was a little false flat that would just kill me! Of course, I was on an '80s MTB, but still.

    Isn't great to have come so far!
    Ditto! This was my first foray into riding as well. Moved on to an entry level road bike, then upgraded to a lovely new ride last year. Still just a recreational rider who rides for fun and fitness, just riding a whole lot farther and a whole lot faster.

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    OOOOO! new bike! How is Dusty going to feel about this? ;-)

    can't wait to hear all about it!

    Quote Originally Posted by jobob View Post
    A Lynskey houseblend custom, aka my Midlife Crisis bike. I'll start a new thread on it, eventually.

    (Ed to clarify: I just put the deposit down on it. And so the wait begins. tap tap tap ....)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggie_Ama View Post
    True, I want to live to be really old, therefore 28 is not midlife. And I think my co-worker is a bit nuts for freaking out about turning 25. I just want a Lynskey. Maybe just reckless youthful spending? DH says I can have one someday, so when is somday again?
    I loved turning 30! And from what I have noticed women going into their 40's seem to have mid life problems then if they have any. I have a lot of friends who all seem to be about 10 years older then me and I have seen this with my own eye's. And learned a lot from them too. So since I just turned 40 I am hoping i have learned from all they have gone through.
    Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.
    > Remember to appreciate all the different people in your life!



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