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    If a hole doesn't get bigger or reveal anything that you prefer to keep hidden or interfere with the fashion statement you intend to make then it seems to me that it isn't a problem and doesn't need a remedy.

    Depending on the knit or weave of the fabric some holes tend to grow and grow (by rip or run) so one may prefer to seal (stop the increase in size of the opening) or mend (close the opening).

    A snag is a knit stitch pulled out of its normal length which can look ratty and be the result of (among other things) a drag across an uneven surface, but if the fibers are not broken through, it will not result in a hole and it will not run.

    Lycra is really really stretchy, so when a little bit gets grabbed it can snag out of the normal format without breaking. It can get scraped without a rip or a hole.

    Does that help the confusion?

    I've been listening to Handel's Messiah today, so I'm humming "And all flesh shall see it together" but I'm thinking of the flesh that wasn't really meant to be seen.

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    word from the pro...

    the idea of a small patch zig zagged on is how I do it, and I've been a technical sewing specialist for 10+ years. If you use a med zigzag, you don't need to turn the hem. I go for a round shape as it handles the distortion of lycra better than a square.

    You haven't seen a grown man cry until he rips a hole in his $250 Assos bibs....

    Malkin is right, lycra doesn't fray but it will unravel and the holes will grow after a period of time.

    If you want to buy lycra for mending, Jo ann's usually has some but you can order better quality online, Seattle Fabrics has a very nice selection of Italian lcyra.

    www.specialtyoutdoors.com/about/whatis.asp if you are curious.




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