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    Jul 2006
    Riding my Luna & Rivendell in the Hudson Valley, NY

    Winter walks....

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    Sat. Dec 6th- about 25F degrees here this morning, but sunny. So after an oatmeal & latte breakfast at Ralph's Pretty Good Cafe in town, I walked a brisk 5 miles, looping all around the various streets and roads in the village.

    It was cold, but I had like 3 wool tops, 2 fleece-lined tights, and plenty of warm wool and/or polar-fleece gear on my hands, feet, and head. I was dressed just right except my outer wool sweater was a little heavier than I really needed. It's definitely balaclava season now.
    My hip joints felt the workout and whined a bit, but I felt really good in general after that walk.

    Might just do it all over again tomorrow after breakfast.
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    May 2007
    Skagit County, Washington
    I just LOVE cold crispy sunny days for a walk or run! We don't get many like that here -- just drizzly days or dark rainy days.

    And I really love the name of your cafe! We have one up here that puts on their sign: "Great Food, Lousy Service". The truth lies somewhere in between, but it's a great place to go for eggs.

    Sounds like my kind of a day. Enjoy it again tomorrow!
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    Oct 2006
    Arlington, VA
    Lisa, sounds nice!

    On weekend mornings, I walk the girls early. Can't take them together -- too rambunctious -- so I end up doing back to back walks.

    Yesterday, it was 23 degrees. I had on a Craft l/s base layer, two Patagonia fleece jackets (R3 and R4), UnderArmour pants, smartwool snowboard socks, sneakers, smartwool glove liners, fleece mittens, and my LLBean "mad bomber" hat. I was nice and warm!

    People still had their xmas lights on when we were out, right after sunrise. It's so peaceful.

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    Feb 2005
    Concord, MA
    I love walking in the winter; almost more than in the warm weather. It snowed a little this morning and is supposed to get very cold tonight and tomorrow. I plan to go out and hike on my neighborhood trail that connects to conservation land trails in 2 towns. It's about 4.2 miles and a beautiful hike.
    I decided this would be a gym free weekend! It's kind of hard when we are in between cycling and snow sport seasons. We just made a reservation to up to Jackson during the New Years weekend. We were going to wait and do it last minute if there was snow, but since we have cancelled the plans for an Italian cycling trip this summer, we are going back to the Inn at Thorn Hill for New Year's. Even if there is no snow, the chocolate chip cookies are enough to be happy about. It's expensive, but includes breakfast and dinner, which alone are worth the price of the room. We will hike if there's no nordic skiing or snow shoeing.



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