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Thread: Folliculitis!

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    Aug 2005

    Arrow by the way, "BOIL" knowledge that's good to know

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    Hey all; Seeing this thread made me think to make a "public-service announcement"
    Some info to keep in yo' back pocket thru life... :

    If you do find that you have boils (not saddle sores), anywhere on the body - and that they are recurring ... or are particularly large:

    Keep in mind that this can be a sign that your Immune System is working overtime trying to get rid of something ...Recurrent infections, such as boils, may indicate an underlying disease or a misfunction of your immune system.

    I found this out the hard (and very long) way: Years of tons of mega health issues which turned very serious and the first little sign was - u guessed it - recurring boils, all over my body.
    And I'd never even seen a boil in my life.

    So .. some info to keep in mind if someone you know ever speaks of painful, problematic recurring boils.

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    just wondering what sort of disease you could be referring to. i'm not asking what you have yourself, but i'm just starting to think that i have some sort of underlying thing wrong with me that's causing all these cysts but i have no idea what it could be. the doctor i've been going to doesn't have much to say about it; i'm sure if i had health insurance and saw a better doctor i'd be able to have a better conversation about it and maybe getting various tests done to see if there's something i should be worried about.

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    Vancouver, BC
    Wow: there I was, on the edge of my seat, reading about Yellow's ingrown hair... from 2005. It took me until the bottom of the thread to realize how old this was.

    I hope it has fully healed by now, Yellow.



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