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    I'm 5'7" with a 31.5" inseam. I've got long arms and a flexible lower back. I ride a 54cm road bike with a 54.8cm effective top tube and a 110mm stem. I can make a 52cm fit (with a 53something TT), but I prefer a 54. A guy I know who is about 5'10" rides the same bike with almost the same setup, only his seat is a lot higher.

    I think that based on all our stats you can get a good starting point for her, but she's going to need to sit on a bunch to figure out what size is best. Different brands have different geometry, so maybe she'd like a 52 in one but a 49 or 50 in another.

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    i don't know a whole lot but i'm 5'4" and i ride a 48cm. i had a 50cm and it was too big causing me a lot of shoulder pain. i also ride a road bike though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1150A View Post
    Unfortunately, the Surly has a 54cm TT..
    Yup! The Surly Cross Check sizing is mis-leading. I have a 46cm Cross Check and it is larger than my 53cm Burly was. Has 52.8cm top tube which is perfect for me, and your effective top tube is actually 54.7. I also have about a 31.5" inseam which is somewhat long for my height, 5'5" on a good day. Mine has a 29.6" standover whereas your 52cm has a 30.6". Not sure I'd like it that close.

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    use this: http://www.competitivecyclist.com/za...LCULATOR_INTRO

    it'll get ya into a decent ball park and then you'll know how you might play around with stems and what not to get the fit in the ball park or.. if it jsut outright might not be a good fit.

    though this is more road oriented fit. i dunno if cross might have a slightly different fit since typically the bb are higher than road bikes.

    again, this'll probably get you in the ball park and reduce your guessing range ..?

    anyway, it'll be fun and interesting. did this with a friend.. and we had lots of laughs and "argued" over the measurements, requiring 2 or 3 measurements. i measured myself and then had an lbs fit and it put me in the general ballpark. your results may differ.. depending on who wins the argument
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