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    Apr 2008

    Mazatlan: any good roads or rides?

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    If we can still afford it when the time comes, my husband and I are likely to be spending a couple weeks in Mexico this winter.

    We have a co-whatever tandem that comes apart and packs into suitcases, etc. but I'm not sure there will be enough rides to make it worth taking the bike.

    Does anyone know anything about the area and what the roads are like?

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    Nov 2007
    Western Canada-prairies, mountain & ocean
    Would be interested in any experiences cycling in Mexico also.

    I heard a ton from someone who lived in the Baja, California and would cycle into the Mexican portion. That's all I know/have heard about cycling in Mexico.

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    Aug 2005
    I just posted about being in San Diego (see the CA sub forum), and got a response that heading to Mexico right now isn't a good idea. It's a shame - since San Diego is *right there*. Ah well....

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