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Thread: "Race" Report

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    "Race" Report

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    As I wrote in a previous thread, the Buzzard's Bay Sprint Tri that I was scheduled for was cancelled due to the Hurricane. Once I got over my dissappointment, my DH and I decided to stage our own Sprint Tri for Sunday AM. I just couldn't face letting all the training go to waste.

    There's a long post with a few pics on my blog, so I won't bore every one with all the details here, but this is some of the info.

    The original Tri was scheduled to be 1/3 mile swim; 14.7 mile bike (with 1 hill at mile 3): 5k run.

    This is what we did: 600 yards in the Y pool; bike 15.4 miles (with 4 significant hills); 5k run, with some small hills.

    Overall I was happy with my results.
    The swim was 16.45.
    Bike was 1:05 (which is an average of 14.22 MPH).
    Run...well let's just say it was a painful 38 minutes .
    My overall time was 2:08:22, with 4 minutes of that being stuck at redlights on the bike portion.

    I think that if we did the original race distances, with fewer hills, and no redlights I would have definately met my goal of under 2 hours.

    I'm really glad we ran the race, even though the event was cancelled. Our kids met us at the end with home made first place ribbons! That made the day unforgettable for me, and now my 5 year old wants to enter a kids Tri!
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    Good job! What a brilliant idea - and the confidence this will give you for next year.
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    Good for you for going out there and "tri"ing anyway!!! That takes a lot of ambition. Great Job!
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    Good for you! I thought it was a great idea when you mentioned it. Now you've carried it through. Fantastic that your kids want to "tri!" They will have a blast!

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    What a great time... and... you took first in your age, sex, and anything else you can think of! I LIKE it!
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    Way to go!



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