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Thread: Winter Gear

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    Winter Gear

    Please use this thread for discussions involving winter gear.

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    Using Buffs in the Winter

    I have been looking at buying a Buff. They are clearly very versatile and look like a great piece of cycling gear. I have never had one before so I don't know if the regular ones are really good for keeping you warm, or should I get one of the fleece varieties?

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    This is very confusing. I don't mean to hijack the thread here, but.....
    The administrator put another sticky thread under Apparel titled "Winter clothing"
    To me, winter clothing and 'winter gear' are mostly the same thing, since aside from studded tires there isn't that much else you put on your bike for winter riding....so we're mostly talking about stuff you wear in one way or another.
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    Sorry, I think this IS in the wrong place - and yes, it is a bit confusing!

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    Fenders? I'm thinking about riding my mountain bike more this fall/winter, I know I need to get studded tires, but what about fenders, if I've going to ride trails??
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    Studded tires, fenders, lights, reflectors, down-lo-glow...insulated water bottles & coffee holders...

    I can think of lots of non-apparel winter gear!

    Geocam - I use buffs all year round. I do have one polar one, but it's too hot for me most of the winter (above about 20 F). It's actually polar fleece on one end and regular buff material on the other. I've always thought it was rather odd and could never figure out a good way of wearing it that took advantage of both ends properly!

    I normally just use regular buffs and double them up if it's really cold. I do have tons of hair and I overheat easily--so take this all into consideration when thinking about your own needs.
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