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    Sep 2008

    X rays negative, "Guess it's just a bruise"

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    I had the X rays done, and they were negative. So the PA (Physicians Assistant said that it is just a whopper of a bruise. Actually, I got the fluid to go away on my own by wrapping an elastic bandage on my forearm (not very tightly) and also doing some massage. The two other huge knots are still there. I think they have gone down some, but I am not sure.

    I have also been taking Ibuprofen, but mostly for my knees, which have been inflamed lately. The elbow pain is usually only present when I bump it.

    My injury doesn't really seem to be located on my elbow but more on the forearm forward of my elbow.

    I am a little upset about the expense of the X-rays for 'nothing.' (I haven't seen the bills yet.) But yes, it is better than having a fracture. BUt if the PA had said that it was a bruise, I would have skipped the X-rays.

    But yes, I can't imagine riding without my helmet ever again!

    And no it wasn't the seat height that caused my fall, It was just that he said that I was extending my leg too much.

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    good for you!
    And i'd rather pay the expense than have to deal with the bone not setting properly
    This may be too politcal - but part of the reason John Mc Cain appeared to be stiff and old was that he was refused medical treatment after he was shot down - he had broken both his arms and one of his legs- He cant raise his arms above his head - I remember a story by a reporter traveling with that Mc Cain asked him to comb his hair before a speech.

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    Planetluver, glad you are OK! Did you get a cool new helmet?

    I hurt my elbow and it took a whole year before it was 100%. So please allow your body to heal on it's own time. It will get better.



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