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    Well, it definitely is educational. I reread some of the stuff. They just have a different world view than I do. Not bad or good, just different. I can't place faith in anything except myself and my family/or others to make things happen. I am also a planner and I need to know "what is coming next." Perhaps it is a defect, but that is why I like organized bike tours. I can rehearse stuff in my mind and that keeps me grounded. When I don't know what is happening next, it gets me anxious. Not that you can control everything, but I do better when I can partially control what is going on around me.
    I don't even like riding when I don't know what is coming. Once I do a route a second time, I am fine, but I generally have a pretty high level of stress when I'm riding in a new area for the first time. Obviously, I do it, but at this point I know to expect the fact that I will be not as relaxed as usual the first time.

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    They made it!

    I've been following this blog since it was posted here. They made it to Portland...but now it looks like their heading back to Ca. I'm not sure how or why. Does any one here know?
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    They rented a U-Haul and drove back to California. In the comments for post 135, they say they are looking for work and housing in the Gilroy, CA area. Again, they're just describing the "what" and not the "why".



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