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    I have those 2nd pair of black Fox shorts and they don't work well for true downhill (went the first time this weekend). I wear them on easy xc rides but anything else they pretty much suck.

    They are comfy though, I'll give them that!

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    I love my Shebeest Boardrider Capris. Many women I've ridden with have ended up buying these pants because they look so good and are so comfortable. It's flattering because it's a capri, they don't even look like bike pants but they have a nice seamless chamois underneath.

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    Another +1 for the Sugoi Gusta shorts. They were/are the most $ I have ever spent for shorts (good roadie ones included). I am SO hooked now.

    I have tried and tried and tried to order myself some cheaper shorts in various other brands as a back up to my Gustas. To date, the 2nd shorts have always ended up being a return. No comparison. They do sell the liner that's in them seperately also here on TE. I have thought about stretching the shorts $ and getting that at least as a clean back chamois when away camping/trail riding (that washing machines are not near).

    Those Fox "girl" shorts as they call them are just YUCK! The front yolk/waist is low rise like juniors jeans. They feel like they are going to pole dance shimmy off any minute. A return for sure. Even with trying a couple sizes.

    Hmm, one other sorta close second I tried off Terry's web site was a Gore mtb short. Lovely chamois. I'll have to see if they have it come back to post a link if so. It was still no Gusta though. So, for the $, I sent it back. Plus, not so full in the hips like Sugoi. Something about being constricted, and trying to twist your body and bike through trees just doesn't mix.

    Those Sugoi's even have velcro in place of a zipper. Which at first I thoguht was weird. Now, I know it's brilliant. If you catch your shorts, the velcro tears away with no damage to the material. Vs an actual zipper would rip out the fabric.

    Another fantastic quality the Gustas have is the difference in length between the liner short and outter short. Whatever idiot designed mtb shorts with only a two inch difference between the two shorts parts has never actually ridden a trail grown over with briar bushes and young trees.

    When the net/lycra liner hangs out the edge of your shorts, it will rip right up when caught. So, the outter tougher ripstock is then useless. The Gusta has I think a 4 inch difference. NEVER once have I ever ripped my inner short or get caught on anything.

    Those crazy canucks sure are not crazy at all when it comes to making great bike stuff, IMHO.

    Sugoi Mistress
    (shh, don't tell, I'm secretly in love lol)
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    One other fleeting thought... if you are just looking for more modesty as you say... what about a cycle-skort?

    I have always wanted one, and finally got a couple at the Terry half off sale recently. TE carries these too. And on sale now.

    Terry Flare skort. Omg, what a CUTE skort! Now, it's not hard riding proof as the under is mesh. Not wide mesh. So a gust it would be ok. But, it lays so nice on ladies with curvy hips IMHO. Versus others, it has a waist yolk. This makes it curve/lay around the hip nicely. One skirt slit per thigh.

    Terry Pro-Racer skort, or Cargo skort. Both of those skirt materials are not lycra. They are broadcloth and ripstock. They are not as flattering on my curve IMO cuz they are A-line. While still modest, I just think flare out makes me look bigger. However, still nice skorts.

    One nice surprise is that I found they do not get in the way of posting in the saddle. 16" is just enough to cover your assets, plus not get under them sliding back on the saddle. These have one slit in the center and a full bike short underneath. It lies nicely beside each thigh at a slower speed. In a cross wind, or harder riding, it flys behind. So, if serious racing where wind drag is bad, then no skort. But otherwise, they are not a bad compromise to have your lycra and be move covered up too.

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